Report dumped rubbish

If you witness fly tipping you can report it to us.

Report dumped rubbish 

Remember, do not approach any individuals and do not put yourself in any danger.

Record as much detail as possible

Also reporting the activity immediately will help us in our fight against this illegal activity. All the information your report is important and will be treated confidentially.

If you can also take photos as evidence please do so.

Important details to record are:

  • date and time that you saw the fly tippers in action or discovered the rubbish
  • location of the incident – either the address or local landmarks
  • description of the rubbish e.g. builders rubble, or household furniture
  • amount of people you saw and if you recognised any of them
  • description of the people you saw (e.g. sex, hair colour, height, distinguishing features)
  • what you actually saw the people do
  • was a vehicle involved, and if there was, were there any distinguishing features or signs on the vehicle and what was the make, model, colour and registration number
  • where you were when you saw the fly tipping? What kind of view did you have? How far away were you, and what were the weather and light conditions like?

What we will do

We will visit the scene to establish the quantity of rubbish and if it is our responsibility, and we will remove it. We will also look for evidence, with a view to prosecuting offenders.

If the rubbish is deposited on private property

It is the responsibility of the landowner to remove it. Although under certain circumstances we may be able to provide a skip. We will normally remove fly tipped rubbish within 24 hours although large quantities or problematic refuse like contaminated rubbish may require specialist removal.

Large scale fly tipping

The Environment Agency  has the statutory responsibility to investigate fly tipping incidences on a larger scale  where the waste may pose a serious risk to the environment and where the activity is linked to organised crime.