Strategies and plans


The council’s front-line strategies have been organised into levels that show the relationships between them.

Level one

These documents are the highest level strategies that translate Hounslow’s policy drivers into thematic areas:

Joint Health and Wellbeing strategy
Hounslow Health and Wellbeing Board have a duty to produce a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, which is based on the JSNA and takes account of the Public Health Outcomes Framework.

Local Plan
Hounslow’s Local Plan establishes the vision and framework for the area, helps contribute to sustainable development, and is a tool for guiding assessments and decisions on individual development proposals.

Level two

These strategies have a narrower focus and contribute towards delivering the Level one strategies.

Joint Adult Prevention Strategy
This strategy focuses on promoting independence for those at risk of or already using health and social care services

Children and Young People’s Strategy
This strategy focuses on how we will give every child the best start in life and the ability to reach their full potential.

Public Health Commissioning Strategy
Our vision is to create a local public health service that is valued by local people, and works with the community and our partners to make a real impact on the health and wellbeing of residents

Leisure and Culture Strategy 2016-2020
Our new leisure and culture strategy sets out our vision and pledges for the delivery of leisure and culture services over the next four years.

Thriving Communities and VCSE Sector Strategy 2015-2019
This outlines how the Council will work in partnership to support active residents and the involvement of the voluntary and community sector in meeting local needs.

Community Safety strategy
This is the agreed plan for the responsible authorities and agencies, including the Council, Fire and Rescue Authorities, Police and others. that work together in partnership to reduce crime, disorder, substance misuse and reoffending.

Housing strategy
Building Homes, Building Communities” is a combined housing and homelessness strategy that sets out the Council’s approach to addressing  the housing issues that we expect to affect the Borough over the next five years

Regeneration and Economic Development Strategy
The strategy sets out the regeneration and economic development priorities and interventions for the borough’s transformation from 2016-2020. It outlines the council’s plans to achieve lasting and successful regeneration and economic development and the role the council will play in making that happen





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