Update on Council services

Planning and building

The council’s planning department is managing to work remotely currently, whilst planning decisions are still being made.

Pre-application submissions

The pre-application service is continuing.

Upon receipt of a valid pre application advice request a Microsoft Teams calendar invite will be forwarded to you containing details of your case officer and the time of the meeting, which may be joined by clicking on the attached link. Written advice will follow the meeting.

All requests should be submitted electronically. Site visits are currently suspended.

Planning application submissions

All planning application (including Lawful Development Certificates, Adverts, Listed Building Consents and Prior Approval) submissions should be made to the Council electronically via the Planning Portal.

Applicants should supply photographs with an application upon submission. Site visits will be considered on a case by case basis, where possible officers will make use of information available on-line such as street and aerial views to supplement photographs when making decisions. You may be requested to provide further photographic information to assist in progressing cases. 

Please submit samples of materials electronically either by photo and/or the supplier brochure. The details of which samples you are proposing to use must be made very clear on the information you supply.

Residents/other interested parties

Community notification and consultation on applications is continuing in accordance with the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI).

Processes have been put in place to ensure that notification letters may still be posted to neighbours, site notices erected and press notices forwarded to the West London Gazette for publication where applicable. Resident and amenity groups are notified and the weekly lists are published on the planning website, as usual.

We ask that comments on planning applications are submitted online or by email to planning@hounslow.gov.uk.

Though working remotely officers are available for contact and to assist in the same manner as before.

Planning committee

There are no changes proposed to the delegated process during the COVID – 19 outbreak. The majority of planning applications will continue to be determined by the Chief Planning Officer under ‘delegated powers’, based on a recommendation given by planning officers in line with the scheme of delegation as approved by Borough Council. These applications will be included in the weekly “Pending Decision Lists” published on the Council’s planning webpages.

The Councils Planning Committee is now holding virtual meetings to consider those applications where a decision by the committee is necessary. No decisions have been made on such applications at a delegated level during this period.

The number of Members attending the virtual meetings will be reduced to facilitate virtual working. Sitting members will rotate meeting by meeting.

Planning Committee meetings are being held on Microsoft Teams, an online live feed is available to all persons wishing to view the broadcast. Persons making representations to members will be able to do so via Microsoft Teams, details on how to participate are forwarded to interested parties 2 weeks in advance of the meeting date.

Further details of these meetings, including how to participate, a link to the live stream and a timetable is available on the Democratic Services webpage.


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