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Small Marriage and civil partnerships

Hounslow Register Office at Feltham Lodge is open for prebooked appointments only.

Small Marriage and Civil partnerships can restart in accordance with the associated legislation which will come into effect on Saturday 4 July 2020 with no more than 30 attendees.

This maximum number includes all those at the ceremony, including the couple, witnesses, officiants and guests. It also includes any staff who are not employed by the venue, which may include photographers, security or caterers.

Feltham Lodge

Ceremonies will recommence at Feltham Lodge from Saturday 11 July 2020.

All ceremonies will take place in the Garden Room as it is the largest room at Feltham Lodge. Adhering to the 2-meter distancing guidelines in our ceremony room, we can only accommodate the couple and their two witnesses.

Approved venues

Please check with your venue when they will reopen and on the capacity they can accommodate.

Booking ceremony

If you have already postponed your ceremony and would like to reinstate/rebook it, please contact us by email as this will be the quickest way to reach us and for us to respond. Give your full names, place and date of original ceremony.

We will need to check your legal paperwork (if you had already given notice) to ensure it is still valid. Email us -

Ceremony content

Following government guidance, it is advised that the ceremonies and services should be concluded in the shortest reasonable time, and limited as far as reasonably possible to the parts of the marriage or civil partnership that are required in order to be legally binding under the law in England and Wales. This means that any readings, music, walking in or extended vows would not be included in the ceremony.  This is to minimise the risk of exposure for all individuals attending the marriage or civil partnership, including those who work at the venues.

Where exchanging of rings is required or desired for the solemnisation of the marriage or the formation of the civil partnership, hands should be washed before and after. The rings should be handled by as few people as possible.

Any certificates required would need to be ordered through the online ordering facility on our website. Certificates will be issued later and posted to the couple.


Notices of marriage civil partnership

Notices of marriage/ civil partnership will be available to book from Monday 13 July 2020

Please be aware any fresh notices are subject to the 28/70-day statutory waiting period and the statutory fee, however there is the facility where the notice period can be reduced in exceptional circumstances.

Couples subject to the referral scheme will need to be referred again if fresh notices are required.

All registrations will be by appointment only.

We would like to thank you in advance for your co-operation and patience.

Please note: Initially we will only attest notice appointments where ceremonies are already booked for July, August and September. We are unable to facilitate new bookings until later on this year as we are working to accommodate those couples who had sadly needed to reschedule.

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