Update on Council services

Council meetings

Following advice from the Government on protecting ourselves and helping prevent the spread of coronavirus, all physical meetings of formal bodies of the council have been cancelled for the time being. However, a number of formal council bodies are now meeting virtually, and these meetings are open to the public.  The Council is increasing the number of bodies that are meeting virtually over time, but the core ones are the Planning Committee, the Licensing Committee and Licensing Panels as these have statutory responsibilities, as well as the Cabinet, the Council’s main decision making body.  However, meetings will only take place where there is sufficient business to be transacted.

Whilst these meetings are important to enable council business to continue, we would strongly advise that members of the public wishing to observe these meetings make sure they check the calendar before the advertised date of the meeting to ensure that they are still going ahead.  The Council will also publish details of how members of the public can watch virtual meetings taking place when meeting dates for virtual meetings are advertised.

As soon as we are notified that a virtual meeting of a formal council body will be taking place, we will update the calendar of council meetings page. 

If you are unsure about a meeting and need further information, please contact Committee Services on 020 8583 2250.

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