Update on Council services

Hounslow House is closed until further notice to reduce the spread of coronavirus and restrict all non-essential travel. Certain Council buildings will continue to be closed until further notice. 

All key service information is available on our website and through telephone numbers listed below, from which our teams will be able to deal with the vast majority of your queries. 


We recognise many of you prefer face-to-face interaction, and sometimes we require that of you, but during this time, we need to protect you, our teams and the wider community. 

A brief directory of some of the key services webpages and direct telephone numbers are provided at the bottom of this statement.

Webpage links and direct public numbers

Council Tax & benefits  

Direct public number - 0208 583 4242


Direct public number - 0208 583 4000

Rubbish, recycling, environment, street issues, pest control, planning & building control

Direct public number - 0208 583 5555

Adult social care

Direct public number - 0208 583 3100

Children, schools & families

Direct public number - 0208 583 6600


Direct public number - 0208 583 6666


  • Telephone number - 020 8583 2000
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