Feltham Town Centre Traffic and Transport Improvements

Feltham works - frequently asked questions

Why are we doing this?

South Western Railway has introduced ten carriage trains to increase capacity between London Waterloo and Reading.

The closure of Hounslow Road between New Road and Hanworth Road will:

  • allow the council to widen the highway;
  • introduce traffic lights at the New Road junction and
  • carry out improvements to the existing Hanworth Road junction.

To ensure residents can still gain easy access between Bedfont and Feltham town centre, Network Rail will build a new pedestrian/cycle bridge over the railway line and renovate the public space outside the station. 


Why are you closing Hounslow Road?

Feltham town centre is undergoing major improvement work. Part of this work involves improving the traffic flow to reduce congestion and make it easier to get in and around the station. Hounslow Road is closing so we can widen the highway, introduce new traffic lights at the New Road junction and carry our improvements to this junction.


When will Hounslow Road reopen?

Hounslow Road will reopen in summer 2019


Why is Hounslow Road and the Bedfont Lane level crossing closed?

A full review of the £20m highway and station improvements project in Feltham Town Centre has been completed, following a series of issues with the works that have led to delays.  This review has made clear that it is now unlikely that the road will be able to reopen before summer of this year.

This delay is partly due to the piling incident that occurred in June 2018, but also delays caused by parties such as utility providers who need to move the services buried in the road to allow for its new alignment.  The council has little contractual control over these companies which limits our ability to reduce the delays. 

It has also become clear that delaying the closure of the level crossing for several months to keep it open until Hounslow Road is reopened, would pose significant risk for Network Rail's works to build the new bridge over the tracks, and also require re-signalling the whole of the railway line between Waterloo and Windsor/Reading.   This action would impact on millions of rail users from across the south east as well as leading to significant extra cost for the taxpayer.  It would also likely impact on the council's funding from Network Rail for the highway works limiting wider improvement plans for the Feltham area, including phase 2 of the project to renew the high street itself (due to start later this year). 
The decision was taken to allow the level crossing to close on 15 March as planned and that the council and its subcontractors will continue to make every effort to reopen Hounslow Road as quickly as is safely possible.


How will I be able to access Feltham Station?

Pedestrian access to the station will not be affected, however diversions to bus routes and the impact of the road closure on traffic may cause delays to your journey to and from the station. Visit www.tfl.gov.uk/buses to check for diversions and changes to bus stop locations.


Will the station be closed?

The station will remain open expect for some weekends when it will be necessary for Network Rail to carry out work on the railway with no trains running. Check www.southwesternrailway.com before you travel.


Which bus routes will be affected?

Visit our dedicated bus diversions and route maps webpage for detailed information.


Where do I board my bus?

Download a map here for more information on where to board your bus.


I need to travel through Feltham as part of my commute. What do I do?

You can still travel through Feltham although your journey times are likely to significantly increase, particularly during peak hours. If you can start your journey earlier or later this may help minimise disruption. Where possible, think about how you could adapt your journey e.g. walking or cycling, or use an alternative route.


I need to travel from north Feltham to south Feltham. What route should I take?

Please use A312 (Harlington Road East) and turn right on to Browells Lane.


Will the roads be closed to pedestrians and cyclists too?

Part of Hounslow Road will be closed to all traffic and pedestrians. All other roads remain open, but diversions may be in place.


Which shops will be affected by these works?

All shops and businesses will remain open throughout the work. Some bus routes will not serve High Street and diversions will be in place.


Why is the level crossing being closed?

Bedfont Lane level crossing is very busy. Each day approximately 295 trains pass over it, and in between those trains up to 2,874 road vehicles and 5,000 pedestrians and cyclists per day use the crossing. The volume of traffic means that 'blocking back' incidents (where a queue of traffic extends over the level crossing) are very frequent. This makes the likelihood of a road vehicle stopping on the level crossing higher. A nine-day survey of the level crossing recorded seven occasions where queuing traffic actually stopped on the tracks.

Unfortunately, there is also a significant level of misuse at Bedfont Lane level crossing, where people or vehicles cross while a train is approaching and barriers are being lowered, or where people enter or leave the station via the level crossing.  This creates a significant safety issue.  The nine-day survey also recorded 11 occasions where road vehicles crossed the level crossing in the wrong direction (vehicles are only permitted to cross from north to south).


Why can't the platforms be extended at the other end of the station keeping the level crossing open?

To the east, Hounslow Road bridge is too narrow to allow the platforms to be extended in that direction. Demolishing and rebuilding the road bridge would be difficult, disruptive and expensive. 

Network Rail's assessment of the risk posed by Bedfont Lane level crossing shows that it is high risk. The scheme outlined above allows the risk at the level crossing to be removed, whilst maintaining a step free route across the railway for pedestrians and cyclists. It also offers a significant improvement to the public space around Feltham Station.


What effect will the closing of the level crossing have on journey times and traffic congestion?

By road, the distance travelled will be further, however the addition of traffic signals at the New Road and Hounslow Road junction and widening of Hounslow Road will help to reduce overall journey times and ease congestion.

Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to use the new shared pedestrian and cycle bridge rather than the existing level crossing.


Will I be able to access the station from the new bus stops, using the new ramps, in a wheelchair?

The new ramps have been designed to have a maximum gradient of 1 in 20 and be a minimum of 3 metres wide, meaning they will be accessible for all users.


How will phase 2 affect my journey in and around Feltham?

Phase 2 will not require any additional diversions to those already in place for phase 1. However, to enable construction work to be completed safely, there will be footway closures and vehicle lane closures in place, these will change as construction progresses. Any changes will be clearly signposted.

Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers are asked to take care when moving through the area where construction is taking place.

Pedestrian access to all shops and businesses will be maintained throughout.


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