Pedestrian safety

Hammersmith Bridge - Safe route guidance for people affected by closure  

The closure of Hammersmith Bridge has meant longer journeys for many people who live in the area and safety concerns for those crossing Barnes Bridge as an alternative route and using the unlit Dukes Meadows towpath, to access Chiswick. 

We have installed signs and created a downloadable map for people showing the quickest, fully lit alternative. The fully signposted route, which runs through Staveley Gardens and Alexandra Gardens, takes an estimated two more minutes to cycle and six more minutes to walk than the Dukes Meadow towpath.

In addition the Met Police are operating extra patrols in the area, including patrols by plain clothed officers.

More information is available here.

Download a copy of the map 


Children’s traffic club

The children’s traffic club is a proven, successful road safety programme for three to four year old children. Resource that has been specifically developed to educate pre-school children, their parents and carers in basic road safety skills, making them safer road users of the future.

By introducing the concept at this early age we ensure that future road users understand the importance of road safety.  The club also promotes the use of more sustainable modes of transport and the benefits of walking, scooting and cycling.

Register your child to receive free printed packs

Pedestrian skills training 

Walking is a simple and fun way to travel, but many children make mistakes that result in them getting injured. On road training is the best way to educate youngsters and reduce accidents. Children are actively involved in the training and are encouraged to think about the dangers and practise making the right decisions to ensure that they stay safe.

Training is offered to all our primary schools in the borough to year four. Children are taken out in groups of 10 - 15 at a time with two experienced trainers for 45 minutes covering roadside practical training, identifying hazards and dangers on the pavement areas close to their school. 

All children are provided with high visibility vest whilst out on training. All trainers are enhanced DBS and training is based on guidelines developed by the Department for Transport.

To book a place, email the road safety team

Pedestrian safety - community groups

We are working with local community groups to raise awareness on the importance of staying safer on our roads as an adult pedestrian and certain measures they can take to be safer.  The majority of adult pedestrian related road collisions occur within 50 metres of a crossing. 

To book, please email email the road safety team












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