The London Borough of Hounslow Mooring Byelaws

London Borough of Hounslow - Proposed Mooring Byelaws - Clitheroe's Island

Notice is hereby given that the Mayor and Burgesses of the London Borough of Hounslow intend to make new byelaws to control and regulate the mooring of boats on river frontages owned or managed by the Council abutting the tidal and non-tidal stretches of the River Thames. Except in case of emergency or other avoidable cause the proposed byelaws will prohibit any person from mooring or permitting any boat to be moored for longer than a maximum period of 1 hour in any period of 24 consecutive hours without the Council’s prior written consent. The byelaws will cover river frontages at Clitheroe’s Island.
Copies of the proposed byelaws (together with associated assessment statement and report) will be kept at Brentford Library, Brentford Library, Boston Manor Road, Brentford TW8 8DW and will be open to inspection without payment on any weekday during usual business hours for 28 days from the publication of this notice. Copies of these documents may also be purchased at the price of £2.50 on application.
The byelaw may also be viewed at
Written representations about the byelaws, including any objections, should be addressed to Herdeep Chaggar Ashby Asset and Investment Planning Manager by Wednesday 15th September 2021. Alternatively, you may email your response to within the same timescale.
Signed: Herdeep Chaggar-Ashby, Asset & Investment Planning Manager
Dated: Wednesday 18 August 2021
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