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Feltham's green spaces consultation

The Council has committed to improving the local green spaces of Feltham. Leading landscape and regeneration consultants, LUC (Land Use Consultants), have now been appointed to develop detailed plans (a Masterplan) to create safer parks, get people more active and improve facilities.

The following specific green spaces will benefit from the masterplan, referred to collectively as Feltham Parks:

  1. Feltham Parks

  2. Feltham Arenas

  3. Blenheim Park

  4. Feltham Green

  5. Glebelands

  6. Poets Corner

Other green spaces will also be considered to ensure there is better connectivity and access through Feltham and to enhance green corridors for wildlife.

There will be opportunity for public involvement and contribution, which will be through a series of events and feedback sessions with local residents and groups as well as national organisations

Download all consultation documents here

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Please submit your feedback to James Virgo (LUC) with "Feltham green spaces" in the subject header.

Deadline for this consultation 20 March 2017