Controlled parking zones

These are areas where parking without a permit is restricted during certain times. 

If you live in one of these zones, you may be able to get a permit so you can park all day in marked bays.

Parking zones map

How to know when you’re in a controlled parking zone (CPZ)

You’ll see signs at the entrance to the roads in the zone that display the times and days parking is prohibited.

If you park without a permit in these areas, you could get a parking ticket.

To get a parking permit for a controlled parking zone

If you live in a controlled zone you can apply for a permit to park during prohibited hours.   

Get a permit if you live around Twickenham stadium

During events at Twickenham stadium, the roads around it become a controlled parking zone.

Download the Twickenham controlled parking zone map

If you live in the zone, you’ll need a permit to park there during event days.

You can view what events are coming up on the Richmond Council website


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