Innovate & Grow business support programme

The Innovate & Grow business support programme has been designed to support businesses to adapt, survive, and thrive against the ongoing challenges caused by the pandemic and resulting impacts on customer behaviours. The programme is funded by the Government's COVID-19 Additional Restrictions Grant. 

The ambition is to build on the momentum of the previous programmes, and support businesses further. We want Hounslow to remain a borough of innovative entrepreneurs and a borough where business chooses to locate. It is important that businesses have access to the right information, advice, training and practical support such as funding, mentoring, connections, finance and space to start, improve, innovate or grow.

This programme is comprised of 18 free training and support products, utilising 8 specialist agencies, aimed at sectors most impacted by the pandemic. These range from supporting businesses to start up a business to 1:1 growth mentoring, how to collaborate and secure new business, becoming greener and more sustainable, as well as more digitally focussed.

As part of this programme, Hounslow are championing two grant schemes to help shape your business future; an innovate and grow grant for small and micro businesses, and a green grant to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

The programme is split into four main areas, each splitting into subcategories:

Once you have selected the type of business support best suited to you, please contact the agency responsible for that work to register your interest.

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