Housing repairs

Covid 19 & What to expect when we visit your home

We are now getting back to delivering repairs in a way that is similar to our normal service, but there may be some delays in completing non-emergency work due to the backlog that built up during the lock down and continuing delays in obtaining some materials.

Before we visit, we will:

  • Identify and use alternatives to physically coming into your home, such as video surveys, phone calls and photographs, wherever possible 
  • Do our best to talk to you about how we can minimise risk for you and our staff 

When we are working inside your home, we will:

  • Keep to social distancing guidelines at all times 
  • Limit the number of contractors to those essential to carry out the work
  • Wear the personal protective equipment normally required for the task, as well as a face coverings to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
  • Wash our hands, or use hand sanitiser regularly
  • Not ask you to sign any documentation 
  • Remove any waste or rubbish from your property when we have finished
  • In communal areas and outside, the risk from Covid-19 is lower, but we’ll take sensible precautions wherever possible, including limiting the number of contractors to those essential to carry out the work

You can help us by:

  • Letting us know in advance if anyone in your household is self-isolating or shielding so that we can take additional precautions if our visit is essential or an emergency, or re-arrange it for a later date if it’s not urgent
  • Leaving internal doors open so we don’t have to touch these to open them
  • Maintaining good ventilation by opening windows in the rooms where we are working
  • Staying out of the room where we are working and keeping to social distancing guidance
  • Keeping surfaces clear so we don’t have to move things to carry out the repair
  • Not offering drinks to people working in your home
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