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Cavendish Primary School Street

A number of different options were considered for the operation of this scheme, and the associated impacts on local residents and benefits to the school and students.

A timed closure of the whole of Edensor Road was considered as this would have restricted access to the road for all those seeking to drop off children at the school. However, without changes to the existing layout of the local road network (which would require significantly more assessment) this proposal would have meant the ‘white listing’ of several hundred vehicles owned by residents living to the east, given that the only access they have to the A316 is along Edensor Road. While this option would have removed some traffic, the ongoing administration process in registering vehicles would have been significant, for potentially a limited gain in traffic reduction.

The scheme being brought forward is therefore a limited access restriction preventing access by non-residents to the service road that runs behind the shops. Access for businesses will be retained alongside access for residential properties that are located within the zone. This will be coupled with the extension of ‘red route’ restrictions from the A316 into the western end of Edensor Road nearest to the entrance into the school. This is supported by temporary footway widening on the south side of Edensor Road near to the entrance of Promenade Approach. The red route restrictions remove the ability of cars to park near to the school, and tackle locations identified by the school where problems persist with inconsiderate parking, turning vehicles and idling engines. Red route restrictions have the additional benefit of being enforceable by camera. The temporary footway widening helps increase the waiting area outside the school gate, while the council is also examining feasibility for the gates on Promenade Approach to be opened to improve pedestrian access into Dukes Meadows and maximise space for social distancing.

These trial measures have now been installed. A copy of the plan, and more detail on the proposals can be found below

  • Expected implementation date: November 2020
  • Interim Review: April 2021
  • Final Reviews: July 2021

View Cavendish Primary school street plan

View Edensor Road footway widening proposal

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