Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) appeal process explained

I've received an Order for Recovery

If we have been sending you notices in relation to a PCN and either the timescale for appealing it has expired and it has not been cancelled, or your appeal to the adjudicator has been refused and you have not paid it, the law permits us to register the PCN with the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC), a part of Northampton County Court. TEC is the body appointed to deal with all debt registrations for councils in England and Wales and it is they who authorise local authority warrants of control.   

Once a PCN has been registered we will send you an Order for Recovery, giving you 21 days to either pay the PCN amount in full, or complete and return the enclosed Witness Statement/Statutory Declaration, but only if one of the following statutory grounds applies;

  • You did not receive the postal PCN or Notice to Owner in question; or
  • You made representations to the enforcement authority concerned within 28 days of service of the postal PCN/Notice to Owner or Enforcement Notice, but did not receive a Notice of Rejection from that authority; or
  • You appealed to the adjudicator against the rejection by the enforcement authority of your representations within 28 days of service of the Rejection Notice (or more as allowed by an adjudicator) but had no response to the appeal; or
  • You had paid the penalty charge (for PCNs issued under the Traffic Management Act 2004).

If none of the above grounds apply, you must pay the outstanding amount by the date indicated on the Order otherwise further enforcement action will occur, and you will find the amount you owe increasing.

If you return a correctly completed Witness Statement/Statutory Declaration to TEC within the time allowed for, we will either re-serve the original PCN/Notice to Owner/Enforcement Notice or Rejection Notice/Appeal Decision, or refer the PCN for Adjudication, depending on the grounds you made it.  

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