Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) appeal process explained

I've received a PCN issued under the Traffic Management Act 2004 (Vehicle Removal)

For PCNs served on-street by a Civil Enforcement Officer where the vehicle is then removed to the Pound, the claimant (usually the driver) must first pay the PCN amount and the release fee (including any storage) before they can contest it. More information on what documents are required to recover the vehicle, as well as the fees and charges can be found here: retrieving your vehicle from the Car Pound

If the representations are rejected we will serve a Notice of Rejection on the person who made them, giving them 28 days to appeal to an adjudicator. Adjudicators are independent of the council and their decision is binding on both parties (subject to the possibility of a review, on very narrow legal grounds, and at the adjudicator’s discretion). An adjudicator may award costs if they feel that either party has behaved frivolously, vexatiously or wholly unreasonably. 

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