Heston Library: 60th Anniversary

Heston Library celebrates its 60th anniversary on Wednesday 9 September since opening to the public.


The Heston Library service started off in 1926 and was originally located inside a local school in the area as a part-time lending library.

As demand increased for the service, the library moved into the old Heston Fire Station in 1932. The site was acquired by the council with the purpose of developing swimming baths and a public library for all to use.

However a temporary wooden structure was built in 1933 on the site where the old fire station was, and used as the public library until September 1960.  The library stayed in place for 27 years from 1933-1960, and wasn't meant to remain there for so long!

The newer library building was built on the same site but slightly back from the wooden structure.

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Visiting Heston library

Today Heston Library issues over 35,000 books a year and membership not only allows a customer to take out up to 25 items, but also gives them access to a wide range of digital services that can be accessed online.

The library a large range of activities for children and adults that would not have been on offer during the 1960s. It also facilitates Adult Education classes which is located in the old Reading Room and Reference Library of the library.

Heston Library has changed a lot during the years but remains a strong pillar of the community. Since the opening of the new Heston library, library membership has risen from 3,000 to 14,000.

To find out more, visit our webpage which gives you information on the local history in your area.

You can also contact our Local Studies Team on 020 8583 5497.

Heston Library is open Monday to Saturday from 10am until 3pm.

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