Tree management

Park trees

Carillion maintain the trees in the parks on behalf of the council.

For further information please contact them:


Telephone: 0845 456 2796

Street trees

Trees enhance the local environment and provide numerous benefits including:

  • adding colour to the urban environment
  • helping to lower dust and noise levels
  • providing habitats for a range of wildlife
  • reducing pollutant gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide
  • potentially increasing property prices
  • moderating temperature
  • providing a sense of wellbeing

Removing trees

Our policy is not to remove healthy trees.  Trees are only removed when they are dead, dying or dangerous.  A tree will only be removed when absolutely necessary. We will try to replace removed trees, however this is not always possible.

Leaf clearance

Every year, around November, when leaves have fallen off trees, we undertake a cleansing programme to ensure that roads within the borough are cleared of leaves. For further information on this service please contact us.

Trees causing damage

If you believe that street tree roots are causing damage to your property, please contact us on the details below.

Report a fallen, overgrown or dangerous tree

Contact us:

Hounslow Highways website

Telephone: 020 8583 2000

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