My Week by Cllr. Steve Curran 2018

25 - 29 June

Dear All 

I don't know about you but I'm enjoying this warm weather and hope it continues. Now is the perfect to get into that garden and do a bit of that weeding you've been meaning to do. And don't forget - if you haven't already done so, you can subscribe to the Garden Waste Collection 

On Saturday I was able to go along for the first time to the Southall Lane Materials Handling Centre open day. It was great to see so many residents in attendance, including some families with children. It was quite fascinating to see what happens to most of the recycling that is collected. Nowadays we are more aware than ever of the need to manage our resources carefully.

Image of families attending the Southall Lane Materials Handling Facility Open Day

Recycling is a great way to do our part in protecting our environment and reducing the amount of waste that needlessly goes to landfill, while enabling the council to generate income to help fund our frontline services. 'Wash and squash', that's what I say to my family at home!

After my visit I met with two residents who had housing issues that they wanted to raise with me. They were both on the housing register and were waiting to be relocated. Hounslow, like many other London boroughs has a serious shortage of affordable housing and we are playing our part by doing our upmost to deliver on our ambitious housing target of 21,800 houses over the next 10 years.

On Monday I met with my ward colleagues to do our regular ward walkabouts.  Not only does this give us an opportunity to walk and talk but to identify areas where we feel we can make improvements. It also gives us an opportunity to talk to residents about things that they may want to bring to our attention.

On Tuesday, I, along with a number of councillors attended a briefing from the Boundary Commission for Local Government on the Electoral Review of Hounslow, which will be taking place. Look out for details of when residents can feed into this review in the coming months.

Tuesday night was the Borough Council meeting, where key decisions of the council are made. I briefed the council on the progress of the Fire Safety and Estate Improvement Programme, which was launched in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy, giving greater priority to the safety of the council's housing stock and the welfare of residents. 

£196m has been committed over a five-year term to support urgent work to the council's 35 high rise and sheltered housing units, as well as ongoing improvements to the council's other housing stock. To date, we have successfully completed 96 of 102 remedial actions recommended by the London Fire Brigade (LFB), with the six remaining measures in progress.

The council takes its landlord and fire safety obligations extremely seriously and is doing its utmost to ensure that we have the highest standards of fire safety across our housing stock.

We end the week on another glorious day in Hounslow.  It's Armed Forces Day today (Friday), and a time to recognise the efforts that the service men and women make on an ongoing basis to protect our freedom. It's right that their courage and service be acknowledged by us all.

So finally, could football be coming home?

I've been watching the World Cup and have enjoyed watching England play so well and winning with style! Well done to the boys for getting through to the knockout rounds, despite losing to Belgium last night. I will be passing back the reins to Councillor Curran next week, who has been making a steady recovery following his recent hip surgery. 

Enjoy the good weather and stay safe.

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