My Week by Cllr. Steve Curran

2 - 6 January

Cllr. Steve Curran

Monday 2 January

I would like to start this week off by wishing all our residents a very Happy New Year.

While the Civic Centre was closed between Christmas and New Year, I would like to mention all those council staff who were on call and all our emergency services and residents who worked over this time and thank them for their continued hard work.

Tuesday 3 January

While I monitored anything that was going on and checked on issues raised to me over the Christmas and New Year break, I was back in the office at the Civic Centre today.

I attended the regular weekly Leaders meeting, with our Chief Executive Mary Harpley and several heads of services from across the council.

We talked about how council service areas fared over the Christmas break and the status of any issues that had arisen or needed to be looked at further.

The overall feeling from everyone was that services were good and that any issues reported to us by residents had been dealt with or responded to as quickly as possible, which is really important.

As with all services across the council, we are always looking to improve and that is certainly what we will be striving to do again in 2017.

In the evening, I attended a meeting with fellow cabinet members to discuss forthcoming items on the agenda for the next cabinet meeting which takes place in a fortnight’s time.

Amongst the topics were our waste and recycling service and the delivery of an improved and up-to-date ITC system, which includes a new website for the council at the end of January.

We want to make sure that the systems we have in place meet the demand as more and more residents access services online as it is much easier for them.

Wednesday 4 January

This morning, I had to go to West Middlesex Hospital for physio on my ankle – the effects of an old injury from some years ago that doesn’t get better as you get older!

I had a series of meetings with senior council staff during the day.

I then caught up on paperwork, which always takes longer than you think!

The afternoon was spent looking through casework.

Thursday 5 January

I would like send my best wishes to all residents who have been celebrating the 350th birthday of Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. It is a religious celebration in which prayers for prosperity are offered.

A fairly quiet morning, where I got the chance to catch up on a few enquiries and messages.

The New Year has brought colder weather with this past week, with temperatures plunging. Today I looked at how the council and Hounslow Highways are working together and well prepared for adverse weather. Our systems and gritter lorries are working to ensure that the borough’s pavements and roads are safe for residents

I had further discussions today with staff from our waste and recycling service team on how close we are to resolving problems left over from the changeover of service from Suez to Recycle 360, which is part of the council’s wholly-owned company, Lampton 360.

As I have previously mentioned, it does take time to embed new ways of working and get used to new equipment – and indeed, to resolve any left-over issues. We are working hard on these and to ensure the service is working as it should be. But I encourage residents to report problems and issues to us, if we know about it, we can look to do something about it.

Friday 6 January

Today, I dealt with casework.

This week, the council has been supporting a number of health initiatives including the new Be Food Smart app. Residents can also attend a roadshow later in the month to get advice on healthy eating.

Just a reminder, that recycling is something we encourage greatly. Our free Christmas tree recycling service operates from Monday [9 January], so do take advantage of it!

It is set to be chilly this weekend, so please keep warm especially when out and about. Please check on elderly relatives and neighbours and make sure children are kept warm during these cold spells.

Have a great weekend.

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