My Week by Cllr. Steve Curran

7 - 11 August

Monday 7 August

This week I am standing in for the Leader of Council, Cllr Steve Curran as he undergoes his hip replacement operation.

We wish him well and a speedy recovery.

Throughout today, I dealt with a host of messages, from emails to calls.

Many of them were about the waste and recycling service, from issues over the delivery of containers to how Recycle 360 collection crews stack the boxes after emptying them.

Last week, myself and the Leader of Council went around the borough, we spoke to Recycle 360 collection crews about putting the containers back in the right places and to residents to talk about the new service in general.

I like to have as much information as possible when looking to answer queries and I am in regular contact with the service team, to ensure we are not only responding but making sure we all have the same knowledge of information.

Tuesday 8 August

This morning I joined our Chief Executive Mary Harpley for the Leader’s meeting with heads of services.

It was another chance to discuss the waste and recycling service and it was good to see – that although we will have teething problems, the service is going in a positive direction.

Later I met with senior officers to discuss that while we are responding to feedback and reports from residents and our staff, that we are also meeting our key priorities for the waste and recycling service.

I also had meetings to discuss parking and roads, with Hounslow Highways, who manage the Borough’s street services on behalf of the Council. Areas covered included works taking place as part of the Council’s investment programme and an update on recent projects.

Hounslow Highways and the Council are working together on completing the final year of a five-year investment programme but works will continue over the next 21 years to ensure the highest standards of roads are maintained across the borough.

I also met with council staff in regards to projects for regeneration work in and around our town centres, including any changes to parking facilities for when work and developments are taking place.

This week, we sent out a reminder regards to the closure of Alexandra Road and Holloway Street car parks.

Wednesday 9 August

Much of the day was spent dealing with casework.

One of matters I looked at today, was looking at facilities for the annual celebration of Independence for India and Pakistan, which has been held at the Indian Gymkhana Cricket Club ground.

We are talking to communities as in recent times, the event has outgrown the venue, so other possible venues are being looked at.

I also looked over further updates with our waste and recycling service, focusing on how food waste is put out for crews to collect and to look at speaking to residents on using the food caddies they have and ensuring everyone is aware of what plastics can be recycled and what can’t.

Information on what plastics can be recycled can be found here

In the evening, I attended a networking event which was very useful for looking at what opportunities are out there for our local businesses, in terms of helping them prosper in our borough.

Thursday 10 August

Today I attended a meeting with Councillor Bandna Chopra, ward councillor for Hounslow West.

The meeting was very well attended by residents to discuss developments taking place or set to take place in that part of the borough, including the former Morrisons site.

It was a positive meeting and great to meet many of the local community, on matters such as these.

I also attended a meeting today with HACC [Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee] to discuss community engagement and how this can be enhanced. It was an interesting meeting.

Friday 11 August

I had further casework to look at today which kept me busy, as well as replying to general messages and emails.

A reminder to our residents, to respond back to us as soon as when you receive your email  asking you to confirm who is currently living in your household and who is eligible to vote.

Each year the Council has to check that the right people are registered to vote at every address in the borough.

For the first time this year, some households are being communicated via email initially before a paper form is sent by post in August to any non-responding properties.

This week Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has announced plans to boost digital connectivity across London.

I spoke to Cllr Curran yesterday, he is recovering well from his hip replacement operation and is now started dealing with emails and phone calls, etc. He asked me to mention in my weekly blog the fantastic treatment and service he received from doctors and nurses and other support staff at UCLH.

“I cannot thank the staff enough for their care and support. What was striking was the team providing the care was made up of so many nationalities. There were two excellent Spanish staff nurses, a Filipino staff nurse and a whole other list of staff from different countries across the world providing this care. In light of the Brexit decision and the challenges facing the NHS we have to be very careful that we don’t put off these excellent staff continuing to work in the NHS. Without this multi-cultural/multinational workforce, the health service would not be able to survive. I am not sure the government yet fully understands the impact their immigration targets could have on the NHS.

I should also mention my fellow patients, we became good friends over a very short period of time. I should mention Michael, an Australian lawyer, who has lived in the London for many years. He had a knee replacement, which is more painful than the hip replacement.

I know this as I had my knee replaced a few years ago. His view was similar to my own. He decided to make London his home because of its diversity, tolerance and being the most welcoming capital city in the world. I wish him a speedy recovery.”

The weather I hear is set to improve for the weekend, so hopefully we can all get out and about!

Have a good weekend!

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