Mayor of London and London Assembly elections 2021

Candidate spending

There are limits on candidate spending at elections and controls on the sources of funding for that spending. After the election, candidates and their agents must account for the costs of campaigning and donations to the campaign in a spending return.

In the 2016 elections, the spending limits for the elections were:

  • Mayoral candidates: £420,000
  • Constituency London Assembly Member candidates: £35,000
  • Londonwide Assembly Member candidates: £330,000 (for an individual independent candidate or political party list)

The regulated period for Mayoral candidates, Constituency London Assembly Member candidates and independent Londonwide Assembly Member candidates begins on the day after the date an individual officially becomes a candidate. For Londonwide Assembly Member candidates on a political party list, the regulated period begins on the day after the date the political party list is submitted to the Greater London Returning Officer.

Candidates have to declare their expenditure to the Greater London Returning Officer (Mayoral and Londonwide Assembly Member candidates) or the Constituency Returning Officer (Constituency London Assembly Member candidates) after the results have been declared. All expenditure has to be declared within 70 days for Mayoral and Londonwide Assembly Member candidates and 35 days for Constituency Assembly Member candidates.

For further guidance on candidate spending for these elections, please click here to view guidance published by the Electoral Commission or contact the Electoral Commission on 0333 103 1928 or

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