Priority admission areas

Priority Admissions Areas (PAA) will only be used for 2018 in-year applications for Community Infant and Nursery Schools and Community Primary schools. PAA's will no longer be used for any Community School applications for 2019 onwards. Other schools such as Faith, Academy and Free Schools may still use catchment areas and you should check their websites for specific information.

All addresses in the London Borough of Hounslow are in a Priority Admission Area (PAA) for several community primary school and academies.  A list of PAA’s can be found below.  

Applicants applying for a school within their PAA will have a higher priority for admission to that school.

You should bear in mind that if you do not express a preference for a school within your PAA, it is possible that the place offered to you may be a considerable distance from your home.

Although applications for PAA schools are normally successful, admission cannot be guaranteed if there are more applications for a school from within its PAA than places available.  

If you are not sure which PAA your address is located within, please contact the School Admissions team.

There are 5 PAA’s to determine which PAA your address falls under. You can download the documents below.

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