Council Tax discounts and disregards

If you live in a property on your own, your entitled to a 25% reduction on the amount of Council Tax that you pay. This is called a single person discount.

Apply for single person discount

Please note: you will need your latest Council Tax bill. You will also need to tell us if your circumstances have changed and you are no longer entitled to claim Single Persons Discount.

Disability Tax Relief

If you or a member of your household is disabled, you may qualify for Council Tax relief.

Modifications to your property to accommodate the needs of a disabled person can also reduce your Council Tax bill reduce, even if your property is currently in band A.

Modifications include:

  • a second bathroom or kitchen required for meeting the needs of a disabled person
  • a room set aside to provide facilities for a disabled person
  • sufficient floor space to permit the use of a wheelchair required for meeting the needs of any qualifying individual resident in the dwelling

Council Tax Exemption due to severe mental impairment

You may be able to get a discount on your Council Tax bill if you, or someone who lives with you, have been classed as severely mentally impaired.  A person who is severely mentally impaired is not counted when calculating the number of occupants in a property.

We may offer

  • a 25% discount where a property is home to a person or people who are severely mentally impaired and one other adult who is not
  • a 100% exemption where a property is home to only a person or people who are severely mentally impaired. To get this you need a doctor to sign a medical certificate that says you are severely mentally impaired and get one of the following benefits:
    • DLA with the middle or highest rate care component
    • Personal Independence Payment Daily Living Component (standard or enhanced rate)
    • Attendance Allowance
    • Severe Disablement Allowance
    • Employment and Support Allowance
    • Incapacity Benefit
    • Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance with a disability premium
    • Working Tax Credit with the disability element

Contact us to apply - telephone 020 8583 4242

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