Financial support and advice for those in need

The Council wants to assure the residents of the borough that we will work jointly with the local Job Centre, Citizens Advice Bureau and the DWP in these unprecedented times to support our residents.

Currently the Council already provides emergency support for individuals experiencing hardship and we will continue to do whatever we can to assist our residents where they experience additional hardship.

Discretionary Local Crisis Payments

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 This scheme is in place to:

  • help households to establish themselves in the community following a stay in institutional or residential care
  • help households remain in the community instead of entering institutional or residential care
  • ease exceptional pressures and stress on households; and 
  • avoid serious risk to health and safety where it may be prevented.

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Council Tax support scheme

We have our council tax support scheme for people on a low income.  

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Discretionary housing payments

This is to help customers on low income with a rental liability.

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Out of hours emergencies

Before you contact our out-of-hours – please be sure that your problem cannot be dealt with during normal office hours or that you cannot make other arrangements.

For an emergency only, please call: 020 8583 2222.  

Monday to Thursday: 5pm to 9am Friday: 4.45pm through to Mon 9am

For more information visit our out of hours emergencies

Council Tax

You will have received your council tax bills for 2020/21.   You need to pay your council tax in line with the instalments outlined on your bill.


You will have received your new rent cards for 2020/21.  You need to continue to pay your rent weekly/monthly as outlined on your rent card. 

The Council want to emphasis that residents who are currently able to pay their council tax and rent should continue to do so in the safe knowledge that if the time comes that they can’t, the council will do its best to help and support them.

In addition, we're urging residents facing difficulties with these bills to contact the council rather than to simply build up arrears. 

Contact details are available on our web site or on your council tax bills.  

Difficult in paying an invoice 

Please call us to discuss if you are experiencing problems in paying.  We will work with you to reach a solution. 

Email us on or

Telephone: 0203 949 7732

Customer financial affairs

Will continue to monitor there most vulnerable cases.  Ensure that customers debit cards have enough money to buy their essential shopping and anything else they need.  The teams contact details are:

Telephone: 020 3949 7735


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