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Expansion of Heathrow Airport

Heathrow: Better not bigger

We believe Heathrow Airport should be ‘Better not bigger’

Whilst the council has been opposed to a bigger Heathrow, whether that’s a third runway, runway operations or night flights, we want a better and more successful Heathrow.

We will continue to push for the very best noise protection and pollution control measures for our residents - and our schools.

What we want

We believe that the benefits of living in proximity to Heathrow need to be greater for the whole community, not just those who catch flights or whose jobs are directly or indirectly linked to the airport.

Concerted effort must be made to mitigate against the direct negative effects of airport operations on our communities - particularly in relation to noise; poor air quality; congestion on the transport network and; loss or degradation of green space and biodiversity.

These negative impacts on quality of life are likely to be vastly exacerbated by expansion.

However, the council also recognises the significant local and national benefits of Heathrow Airport economically.

For this reason, we are working to build a better working relationship with the operators and owners of Heathrow, and other key stakeholders.

We want to maximise the benefits that the airport should be bringing to the borough as well as ensuring we secure the most suitable and practical mitigation and compensation that addresses all the negative impacts.

Through the West of Borough Local Plan review process, we have been working together with the airport operator to secure local employment and to shape the local area around Heathrow as a better place to live, work and visit.

This will ensure that any future airport expansion (out of the Council’s control) and the associated with airport related development, facilities and infrastructure are the most suitable. This will need to be well-located and coordinated to minimise disruption and maximise community benefit with mitigation and compensation packages that addresses all the negative impacts.

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