What have we done to manage the risk in Hounslow

Case Studies of Flood Alleviation Schemes in Hounslow

Brentford North

Image of Brentford Town Centre flooding

  • Hounslow LLFA are currently investigating the risk of surface water flooding in Brentford North.
  • Frequent flooding was experienced by residents on the highway at the intersection of Windmill Road and Whitestile Road.
  • This project will investigate sustainable urban drainage opportunities which can alleviate the flooding experienced on the highway and provide protection for affected residents.

Hounslow Town Centre

  • Hounslow LLFA are investigating the risk of surface water flooding in Hounslow Town Centre.
  • Kingsley Avenue Park has been selected as the best location to retrofit sustainable urban drainage features which will reduce the risk of flooding in Kingsley Avenue and the surrounding area, and bring wider environmental and amenity benefits to the park and the neighbourhood.
  • The next steps are a public consultation to get residents feedback on the scheme and detailed design of the scheme with the intent to maximise amenity and regeneration.
Image of Kingsley Avenue Park



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