Public Consultation for the Environment Agency’s Draft Flood Risk Management Plan and Draft River Basin Management Plan

The Environment Agency (EA) is running a public consultation for their draft Flood Risk Management Plan (FRMP) and River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) for the Thames River Basin District (RBD), which the London Borough of Hounslow is part of.

If you would like to contribute to these consultations, please follow the links below.

The image is shows a drawing of the country with hills and a river



Flood Risk Management Plan (FRMP)

What is a FRMP?

FRMPs are strategic plans that have measures (actions) in them for the flood risk areas identified in 2017 for surface water flooding and in 2018 for main river and sea flooding. The EA are working closely with Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) colleagues and with risk management authorities (RMAs) to produce them.

The draft second cycle FRMPs are currently being developed for England to cover the period from 2021-2027. In line with the Flood Risk Regulations (2009), FRMPs must be updated by the EA and LLFA every 6 years.

The draft FRMP consultation is running for three months from the Friday 22 October 2021 to Friday 21 January 2022.

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River Basin Management Plan (RBMP)

What is a RBMP?

A RBMP is another strategic plan that is formulated to support the delivery of the government’s 25-year Environment Plan and the National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy (NFCERMS).

The EA is co-ordinating the preparation of the draft RBMP with the draft FRMP to deliver integrated outcomes and multiple benefits for both managing flood risk and the water environment.

The draft RBMPs consultation is running for six months from Friday 22 October 2021 until Friday 22 April 2022.

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