What is flooding

Flooding occurs when a watercourse, pipe or storage volume exceeds its capacity the excess water to overflow into the areas surrounding it.

Types of Flooding

Fluvial Flooding

Flooding caused by an increase in river levels either due to extensive rain or due to the effects of upstream rivers.

Surface Water Flooding

Flooding caused by water which ponds or flows on the surface following rainfall whereby water cannot drain away or soak into the ground fast enough.

Sewer Flooding

Flooding caused by sewers becoming overwhelmed either following heavy rainfall or due to a blockage.

Groundwater Flooding

Flooding caused by water levels rising above ground level in areas containing an aquifer a rock that is permeable allowing water to pass through it.

Reservoir Flooding

Flooding caused by the failure of a reservoir wall resulting in a release of a large volume of water

Burst Water Mains

Occurs when the mains water supply burst causing flooding in an area. Information on reported leaks can be found on the Thames Water website – Thames Water Live

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