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In autumn 2019, several wildflower sites were established throughout the borough as part of a pilot. Most of the sites made a quick transformation and are now in full bloom with an abundance of wildflowers and vivid colours on display.

Every location has its own individual look and feel, this is often dependent on what species thrive in each environment. Some of the native wildflowers introduced
are: Common Poppy, Cornflower, Corncockle, Corn Marigold, Knapweed, Catchfly, Self Heal, Musk Mallow.

Wildflowers have recently been in decline across the country and this has an impact on our pollinating insects, such as bees, and moths. Encouraging bees and other pollinating insects is vital as these creatures also pollinate our food crops.

The increase in wildflowers across the borough will help to attract birds and pollinators, such as bees, butterflies and other insects, improving biodiversity and the local environment.

Alongside the benefits to wildlife, we have also had many reports from local people who have really enjoyed watch the seasonal changes to the wildflower area and the stunning colour that wildflower brings to their road.

Wildflower sites are visible throughout highways and parks and open spaces.

wildflower 2

Cllr Guy Lambert, Cabinet Member Highways, Recycling and Trading Companies at a wildflower site on Twickenham Road, Isleworth

shelley crescent

Shelley Crescent, Hounslow

Staines Road, Bedfont

Staines Road, Bedfont

Almorah Road, Heston

Almorah Road, Heston


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