Christmas collections 2021/22

Consider making your Christmas more ‘green’

At Christmas we know that we may generate more recycling and rubbish whether it be wrapping paper, packaging, or food. We want to encourage our residents to use less and recycle more this Christmas season.

How could you make your Christmas more ‘green’?

  • Consider buying used? Instead of purchasing new gifts consider shopping used. Check out charity shops, antique shops, eBay or even Facebook marketplace. You’ll save money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time!
  • Shop local – reduce your emissions and support small and local businesses. Check out local shops, farmer’s markets, or family-owned businesses for unique finds.
  • Minimise food waste – buy only what you need and get creative with leftovers. If you have bought too much consider donating to a local food bank or use a food sharing app such as Surplus to Supper or OLIO. For all unavoidable food waste make sure to recycle this in your food waste bin. More information about Food Waste Recycling can be found here
  • Donate – with all the new toys or clothes which will be received over the Christmas period consider donating, recycling or even selling old or unwanted items. You can give these to a local charity shop, recycle clothes at a clothes banks and through your recycling service or sell your items for a little extra money.
  • Wrapping paper and Christmas cards – avoid shiny, glittery or foil wrapping paper and Christmas cards as these cannot be recycled. Before recycling wrapping paper, do the scrunch test - if it stays scrunched then it can be recycled. Remember to remove all sticky tape, labels, or decorations.
  • Save energy – swap out incandescent lights for LED lights on your Christmas tree, surprisingly if every UK household did this, we could save more than £11 million or 29,000 tonnes of CO2 just over the 12 days of Christmas! LED lights use up to 80% less energy than incandescent lights, save yourself some money and reduce your carbon footprint.

How can I recycle more?

Rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle - Our priority should always be to buy, consume and waste less. Here is what you can do with some common household items at Christmas:

Small electricals

On average, each person in the UK buys 3 new electrical items each year with many given and received at Christmas. That’s about 170 million items across the UK. Unfortunately, only a small number of the electrical items already in the home, whether they’re broken or just unwanted, end up being recycled! Let’s change that!

 If you have an electrical item that is still in good working condition you could consider selling it or passing it on to someone. Did you know as part of your kerbside recycling service we collect and recycle your unwanted small electricals? The general rule is as long as the item (including the cord) fits in a clearly labelled carrier bag, presented alongside your kerbside recycling boxes we can collect it. More information around what we can collect can be found on our website here:


Textiles are the second most polluting industry in the world, and there are approx. 18,000 tonnes of textiles disposed of as rubbish across West London each year. Clothes and shoes are a popular gift at Christmas, perhaps consider donating, recycling, or selling your old or unwanted items.

Visit for more information on how to reduce the environmental impact of your clothing with hints and tips on how to best care for your clothes to make them last longer. You can donate your unwanted (but good quality that you would be willing to buy) clothes and shoes to a local charity shop. Alternatively, you can recycle these through your kerbside recycling service, all you need to do is present them in a clearly labelled carrier bag next to your recycling boxes on collection day. You could even book a free collection with TRAID on a suitable date and time for someone to come and collect your textiles from your home.

Furniture – need to get rid of large items?

Making space for new furniture or clearing out to make space for hosting? You can donate good quality unwanted furniture to the Hounslow furniture project (chargeable service) or and give this away through the Freegle (or similar) app. Alternatively, you can use a local reuse and recycling site to dispose of your bulky items, more information around Christmas opening times and for terms and conditions please visit each sites website prior to visiting.

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