Garden waste

Garden waste terms and conditions

By signing up to the garden waste service, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

The collection of garden waste is a chargeable service.

It is based on the use of brown 240 litre wheelie bins. There is no limit to the number of bins that you can apply for.  As an alternative, you may opt to use two 90 litre reusable sacks. The maximum number of sacks per household is two.

Your subscription lasts one year from 3 April 2017 to 31 March 2018.  Collections are made fortnightly throughout the year - apart from two weeks over the Christmas and New Year period.  We reserve the right to suspend collections in exceptional circumstances, for example in adverse weather conditions.


The annual charge for the service is £50 per bin (or for the two reusable sacks).

  • If you pay before the end of February there is a discount of 10%
  • You can cancel the service at any time, but we do not offer refunds.

The replacement charge for lost or stolen bins is £50. Charges may also apply for replacement sacks.

If you cancel the service and subsequently re-subscribe, an additional charge of £30 will be applied to cover our additional costs.

You will not qualify for a 50 per cent reduction if you receive either a single person discount on Council Tax or disability band relief. 

If you are a new subscriber you should receive your bin (or sacks) within 4 weeks.  If you do not receive your bin (or sacks) in this time please contact us by email

Following re-subscription you must wait 10 working days, and then put out your garden waste on the next scheduled collection date following that.

Permitted Materials

Only compostable / biodegradable garden waste, contained within the bin (or sacks) supplied, will be collected.  Any excess waste (i.e. that placed around the container) will not be collected.  Garden waste placed in the bin must not contain bags, containers or any other kind of contamination.  
If there are any non-permitted materials in the bin (i.e. it is contaminated), we shall not be able to empty it. 
In these circumstances, you will need to:

  • Contaminated bin – remove all unacceptable waste.
  • Heavy bin – remove excessive weight

You will then have three options:

  • We will empty the bin on the next scheduled collection, but will not take any excess.
  • You can take the waste to a Civic Amenity site, (e.g. Space Waye).
  • You can pay £50 for an additional collection.

If the bin is too heavy for safe handling and cannot be safely lifted by the collection vehicle, we shall not be able to empty it.

Bins or Sacks

If you damage the wheelie bin, it is stolen, or it needs replacing for any reason, you will be charged £50 for a replacement bin.  The only exception to this is if it is damaged or lost during the collection process, in which case it will be replaced free of charge.
If you move house within the London Borough of Hounslow you should take your bin or sacks with you. You will need to give 14 days’ notice of the dates that you will be moving so that we can make sure that your service is transferred. If you move out of the Borough you should cancel your subscription and we shall make arrangements to collect the bin or sacks from you.  Any portion of the annual fee remaining is not refundable.

The bin remains the property of the London Borough of Hounslow at all times and you must not change it in any way, or use it for any purpose other than for storing compostable/biodegradable garden waste.

The bin or sacks must only be used for compostable/biodegradable garden waste.

The bin or sacks must be left for collection by 7am, at the front edge of the property, on your collection day and must be clearly visible.

If you have asked for an assisted collection we will contact you to arrange an assessment.  Note that if you already receive this service for your recycling and waste collections then you do not need to apply.

We may use the subscription data that we hold on you to help maintain accurate records, and to facilitate the efficient operation of the garden waste service.

We reserve the right to change your collection day, but will notify you in advance.