Keeping Ivybridge Safe, Together

Hounslow Council’s Community Safety Team is starting an exciting new project on the Ivybridge Estate.

Keeping Ivybridge Safe, Together is an initiative that will talk to residents and find out what crimes and behaviour that are concerning them, so we can understand what the causes are.

It’s residents that know their communities best and by working together we can find solutions.

Hounslow is a safe borough, but we understand lower crime rates don’t necessarily mean our communities feel secure.

Some of the biggest concerns are associated with violence and drug dealing, sometimes involving the exploitation of young people. We know that crime and the fear of crime can affect the way that you feel about your homes and communities.

But we don’t just want to be tough on crime, ‘Keeping Ivybridge Safe, Together’ will look at the causes of crime on the estate, especially when they involve vulnerable people, and find ways to address those problems, keeping people away from crime and opportunistic criminals. 

We will use data and intelligence available to us, to understand why some individuals are more likely to commit serious crimes.  Once we know who these individuals are, we will offer a range of services at the earliest opportunity, to deter them from committing crimes. 

We will need to make sure we work with all our residents, to understand the types of crimes that affect them, get their views on how to reduce crime and empower them to support and deliver initiatives to make their neighbourhoods safer.

We know some residents are more affected by crimes because of who they are, their beliefs, where they live and other differences.  We want to work with everyone, so everyone feels safe. 

To help us deliver this approach, we will create a new team who will focus on working in local areas across the borough to reduce crime related issues and we want you to help us.  We will continue to work with different organisations to deal with crime problems as and when they occur.  This includes providing support to some of our most vulnerable residents who are affected by crime issues. 

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