Upgrading street footways, footpaths, carparks across Hounslow Housing estates

We are working hard to improve the roads and footpaths across housing estates and land in the borough.

As part of a three-year programme, we will be resurfacing many of the roads and footpaths across housing land across the borough. The new road and footpath surfaces will be of a much higher quality and last much longer. The smoother, safer and longer lasting surfaces will make for a better driving and walking experience.

The extent of works will differ across the borough. Not all roads and footpaths in the borough require a new surface to bring them up to standard and where this is the case we will not be undertaking any work.

Roads and footpaths

(3 year programme at June 2019)

Works reviewed across 183 estates

126 estates =

Identified works planned

57 estates =

No works planned

Where are the works taking place?

Please see the table below of the wards which will have works done on them in each calendar year. Please note that this list is presented alphabetically – and further information on programme specifics are outlined below.

2019 programme 2020 programme 2021 programme
Bedfont, Feltham North, Hanworth Park, Hounslow Heath, Hounslow West. Brentford, Isleworth, Syon Chiswick Homefields, Chiswick Riverside, Cranford, Feltham West, Hanworth, Heston Central, Heston East, Heston West, Hounslow Central, Hounslow South, Osterley and Spring Grove, Turnham Green.

Who is doing the work?

Hounslow Highways are the Council’s appointed Principal Contractor for these works.

Hounslow Highways is a partnership between the Council and two major companies; VINCI Concessions and Ringway. These two companies are well established in construction and highway maintenance and have worked within the Borough for many years – and undertook the works to the wider Council’s road and footpath network in recent years.

What standard will the works be done to?

Hounslow adopted a preferred approach to the resurfacing of all adopted roads and pathways across the Borough network as part of the partnership arrangements agreed with Hounslow Highways in 2013. In most cases where renewal is required, asphalt resurfacing was preferred for its durability, flexibility, cost and time effectiveness, and ultimately longevity. There were a number of reasons for adopting this approach. 

  • The use of asphalt reduces the risk of trip hazards, particularly around trees were roots would raise slabs to be become trip hazards, whereas asphalt moulds around the root.
  • If asphalt was ever to crack in a way that a hazard could be caused, it can be more simply and quickly repaired with the same material.
  • A mound of asphalt can be stored easily and deployed when needed.  Volumes of paving stones and slabs have to be ordered in as required with vulnerability to supply chain risks impacting the timeliness of repairs. 
  • The short- and longer-term benefits of asphalt make them a far more cost-effective solution than slabs. 

This overarching approach will be applied throughout the borough, except in conservation areas, where a like for like standard will be implemented.  The borough wide contract was extended to the council’s housing estates in 2018. The works required have been developed following site surveys undertaken to UK Pavement Management System standards (the nationally recognised standard) supported by follow up site surveys carried out collaboratively by Hounslow Highways and the Council’s Housing Investment Team.

The presumption in favour of asphalt surfacing that applies to the council’s adopted roads and paths continues to apply for the housing estates.

How will residents be kept informed on the programme

The 2021 programme is currently being finalised. Please check back at a later date for details.

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