Hounslow Housing Tenants Academy

Hounslow Housing tenants academy

The Community Engagement team at Hounslow want to work with you to enable you to take control of your future.

Take a look below and we hope you're able to take advantage what is on offer.

Please email Liz Gers, Community Engagement Officer, at liz.gers@hounslow.gov.uk for any additional help you may need.

Hounslow Adult and Community Education (18 +)  

Hounslow offers an extensive range of courses for you to choose from, whether you are looking to improve your English, Maths or computer skills, seeking to build or change your career, or for personal enjoyment to develop practical and social skills and build confidence. Family Learning is available for parents and children to learn new skills together.

We offer a flexible learning approach providing day and evening lessons across the borough, and in some cases online. Many are free or offer concessionary rates depending on your personal circumstances.

Please view Hounslow’s Spring 2018 Prospectus for further details


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