I'm having mental health issues

Mental health problems can lead to homelessness and homelessness can lead to you feeling unwell and unable to cope. It is the cause as well as the consequence of Homelessness.
Sometimes you may not want to ask for help because it is hard to talk about how you are feeling. We want to stop homelessness arising due to mental health and provide you with the right help and support at the right time to help you to remain in your home.   
Sometimes you may not want to stay in your home because you are feeling unwell. It is important that any decisions made about your housing, including a decision about whether you should leave your home, are properly considered.

We have provided some links below that we feel may be of help to you:

  • Every Mind Matters through the NHS are a great resource that provides practical and simple advice to help get a healthier mind
  • Hounslow's list of useful numbers and organisations is a good place to start to get some advice on coping with mental health issues
  • Mental Health Helplines - here is a list of numbers and websites the NHS has put together to help you get help for stress, anxiety, and depression.

What we can do to help

We can look at options with you, to help you move in a planned way and avoid finding yourself in a crisis situation of homelessness - which is when your options are far more restricted.

How to contact us

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