I have financial difficulties

How can we help?

  • carry out an assessment of your circumstances to see if you are receiving all the welfare benefits you may be entitled to
  • support you to apply for additional welfare benefits
  • Apply for any discretionary financial help that may be available to you
  • go through your outgoings with you to see if you can reduce the amount of money you are spending to help you manage your money better
  • negotiate with people you owe money to and agree repayment plans that are affordable for you
  • put you in touch  with other services that may be able to help you.

Other support and advice services

  • The entitledto.co.uk benefit calculator will help you find out if benefits can support you and how much you are entitled to
  • Step Change can help you with your debts and provide some great advice, support, and tools.
  • The NHS has put together a great hub of information full of advice and support on how to cope with money worries such as how to budget, looking after your health, managing anxiety, and other links and resources to support you with this matter.

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