I need practical support or supported housing

Who this service is for and how to get it 

  • These support services are available to people living in Hounslow who are aged 16 and over. 
  • Support is available on a referral basis and you can either contact us direct on the details below or you may have someone already helping you, such as a social worker or housing officer, who may contact us on your behalf (with your permission). 
  • We will talk to you about the type of support you need and how urgent it is for you to receive it. 
  • There are some areas of support, such as helping you to claim benefits, we may be able to do straight away. Other areas of support may take longer to put in place for you. 
  • We may refer you to an organisation who can support you on a short or longer term basis. 
  • If, for any reason, we are unable to provide the support you need, we will tell you the reasons why and try to put you in touch with any other help that may be available to you. 

What is supported housing? 

This is not the same as living in a care home where you would be looked after, but rather as support that will help you to live independently rather than doing things for you. 

If you think you need looking after, or need help with your personal care, please see information about health and adult social care 

How to contact us

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