What is Hounslow doing to help the Homeless?

What is Hounslow doing to help the Homeless? 

  • Establishing a combined health, social care and homelessness prevention approach by focussing on early identification of homelessness, e.g. by co-locating with our partners, such as in hospital settings, within Children’s Services (front door) and at the Job Centre.  

  • Ensuring our services and policies promote a realistic and fair offer for those in housing need. This has included changing our Allocations Policy (to remove choice-based lettings, adopt a single offer policy, and prioritise homelessness prevention), and adopting a tenure blind letting approach – promoting both private and social rented housing options.  

  • Changing the type and cost profile of our temporary accommodation to drive down costs whilst ensuring suitability requirements are met (including reducing B&B usage). 

View the video below to see how Hounslow works to prevent people from becoming homeless.

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