Being a good neighbour in Hounslow

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During the coronavirus outbreak many people have come forward to help and support their neighbours.

We want you and your neighbours to be safe whilst you help one another out during this uncertain time, the following guide offers tips and advice on how to help, safely. 

Offering help in your community 

Keep it local and manageable
We suggest your own street or about 20-30 houses at most.  Don’t try to cover more than you realistically can sustain – this might last for months. 

Stick to a patch you know well  
Keep to where people will recognise you and trust your offer is genuine. 

Try to understand that  people  may be cautious….   
…about accepting help if they don’t know you well and have the right to refuse your help. 

Create a list of the things that you feel able to help others with  
Feel comfortable to say no if people ask for more help than you’re able to give. 

Trust your instincts…. 
….when you are offering to help others or being offered help. Remove yourself from the situation, if you don’t feel safe and respect others choice to do the same.  People are pulling together in communities - but we are witnessing some instances of tensions. If you witness hate crime,  such as racist  comments or physical violence,  report it to the Police or Stop Hate UK


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