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Self-funding your own care

What is self-funding?

People arrange their own social care services for different reasons; some pay the full costs and others may be council supported, but still pay a charge.

If you're paying the full cost of your care, you are known as a self-funder.

This means that either:

  • you have chosen not to approach adult social care for help, or

  • you have been assessed but you are not currently eligible for social care services, or

  • you have approached adult social care and, although your needs show that you are eligible for services, your savings are above £23,250.

What if I have been assessed as ineligible for social care services?

If you have contacted the adult access team and have been told that you do not currently meet the eligibility criteria for services, they will provide you with a list of alternative service providers through voluntary or independent organisations.  This means that you can choose and pay for the kind of services you feel you need.

There are a number of voluntary organisations, both local and national, who can offer you information and advice on the options available. This page includes links to some websites, which will give you more information including how to contact these organisations.

What other help can I receive as a self-funder?

Even though you can’t get financial help on a long-term basis, we can provide you with an assessment of your needs, which will help you to decide what kind of care will best meet your needs. It doesn’t have to be residential care, there are other ways of meeting your needs, which can help you to continue to live at home.

How can I find out about arranging my own care services?

If you're arranging your own care services, a list of local providers of care can be found by clicking the links on the right of this page or contact the adult access team who can send you a list of care providers in the Hounslow area.

FirstStop Care Advice is an independent, free service providing information and advice about care and housing in later life. It is provided jointly by Counsel and Care, Elderly Accommodation Counsel, Help the Aged and NHFA .

Our aim is to expand the options and choices you might consider, and provide enough information about them to help you decide what is right for you. The FirstStop service is available via the link on the right and also through a telephone advice line 0800 377 7070.