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Rights of way

Public rights of way are off-road routes that can be used by anyone. They exist across the whole of the borough, providing cut-throughs between residential areas, access to stations and town centres and also pass through open space and along the Thames.

There are three main types of registered public rights of way within Hounslow, each with their own restrictions and way marking, see on right of this page, under documents for download.

The borough has a total of 77 rights of way with a total length of 23 km. This consists of 66 footpaths, 3 bridleways and 8 byways.

Under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, we have prepared a rights of way improvement plan (RoWIP) see on right of this page, under documents for download.

The RoWIP is a substantial document, which includes a review of the suitability of rights of way networks for current and future needs, provide opportunities for exercise and other forms of recreation, and that is accessible to the mobility or visually impaired.

Right of way improvement plan is a way to make access management relevant to whole communities in urban areas, enhancing their quality of life to get to work, school and shops in quicker and more pleasant ways than using a car.

The definitive map is the official map of public rights of way maintained by ourselves. Together with its definitive statement it provides conclusive legal evidence of the existence of each public right of way that it shows.

The maps are available for download using the links on the right hand side of this page, under documents for download.

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