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Pollution control

Construction activities

We monitor construction activities to minimise pollution caused by noise, dust and other nuisances.

Construction sites are in the open and often near existing residential accommodation. Residents will in general accept construction noise but will complain if work starts early or finishes late or takes place at unacceptable times. Complaints can be investigated by our staff

Part B Authorisation

Some industries have potential to cause pollution. Sine 1990 many of these processes have required an ‘authorisation’ from the Environment Agency to operate and they are also inspected annually. Some processes have the potential to cause only air pollution and for these operations the local authority is responsible for their inspection and regulation

Authorised or 'Prescribed' processes are those industrial technologies that have a potential to cause pollution. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 requires that processes identified in the act, or by regulations made under the act, must have an Authorisation to operate.

There are currently two types of process classification. Part A processes were regulated by the Environment Agency while Part B processes are controlled by local authorities.

Hounslow Council is responsible for authorising and inspecting all Part B processes within the district. Part B processes are those that have the potential to cause air pollution and include activities such as vehicle re-spraying, furniture manufacture and unloading of petrol.

Any person operating a process that requires an authorisation must submit an application, with a fee, to the local authority. The authority must then issue an authorisation in accordance with government guidance. The operator of the prescribed process must comply with the conditions of the authorisation and they will be subject to inspection to ensure this is the case.

Following the introduction of the Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999 the system of authorisation is changing to meet the requirements of the European Directive on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control. The new Act covers a wider range of industrial processes using A1 and A2 classifications. Local authorities will control A2 processes. Those processes not covered by the European Directive but regulated as 'part B' processes will continue to be controlled under Local Air Pollution Prevention Control by local authorities.

Guidance is currently being issued by the government to help both local authorities and industry move to the new system.

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