Hounslow Council

Heathrow – better, not bigger

A fair deal for Hounslow

We’re lobbying the government as they put together new legislation about UK aviation. We want to make sure everyone has their say in the future of Heathrow Airport – we want it better, not bigger.

We want:

  • To keep the government’s annual cap of flights at Heathrow to 480,000

  • To keep runway alternation which gives residents under the flight path some relief during the day

  • No return to plans for a third runway

  • A complete ban on night flights

  • To improve and expand schemes to reduce Heathrow noise for residents, businesses and communities

We recognise the important role Heathrow plays in Hounslow’s economy. More than 11,000 Hounslow residents (around 10 per cent of our working population) are employed at the airport.

Yet it also causes serious congestion on our road and rail networks, and produces massive environmental and health impacts with noise and air pollution.

Thousands of our residents, schools and businesses are severely affected by airplanes, with flights overhead every 90 seconds, including 16 night flights before 6am. These night flights have been proven to have a serious affect on the health and wellbeing of local people.

Despite these impacts, the aviation industry pushes to expand Heathrow beyond its current, barely sustainable size.

We want the government to stick to its policy of limiting the size of Heathrow as well as taking further actions to lessen the negative effects on our local economy and community.

We know this is something that really matters to our residents and businesses. Find out more about our plans on these pages.