Hounslow Council

Supported and sheltered housing

Many people want to live independently, safe in the knowledge that if they need help, someone is there to call on in an emergency.

Sheltered or very sheltered housing provides that added security. Sheltered housing is different from other housing because a scheme manager or warden lives on the premises or nearby. They can be contacted through an alarm system when needed.

Very sheltered housing

Very sheltered housing is sheltered housing with extra care. It can be ideal for people who can no longer manage easily at home but are not yet ready to go into residential care. Services offered will vary between schemes, but meals and some personal care are often provided.

You may have the option to buy a sheltered or very sheltered housing scheme, so that you still own your own property, but have the reassurance of knowing that someone is there to help when you need it.

If you are struggling to manage at home because of a disability or due to age, you may want to consider such a scheme in Hounslow.

For more information and an assessment of need, contact the adult access service - link on the right.

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