Hounslow Council

Housing options

Having problems with your housing can be very worrying. You do have a choice, you can take back some control of where you live and help solve your housing problem by considering the full range of housing options available to you. We will be happy to talk through the following options:

  • staying where you are

  • renting privately

  • owning your own home (including Low Cost ownership)

  • mutual exchange schemes (for existing tenants)

  • social housing (renting a council or housing association property)

Living in Hounslow

As there is a shortage of affordable housing in Hounslow it is important to consider whether moving is actually going to help you or if there are ways to stay in your current home and make it work better for you.  The rules around renting from the council have changed and may not be the right option for everyone.

Many people face a long wait for social housing and people with lower housing need may not be re-housed at all. It is recommended that you read the expected wait for social housing page (using the links on this page), so you can make an informed decision and consider if this is a realistic option for you.

Fresh start

Sometimes a fresh start in another part of the country can be just what you need to get that quality of life for you and your family, ask us about whether this option can be explored for you and how you go about getting a home.

Please follow the links on this page for more information about the various housing options available to you.