Hounslow Council

These pages and the external links have been put together to provide information and contact details about local organisations and projects across Hounslow where you can look for advice and support on mental health.

Please refer to the directory of mental health services in Hounslow which you can access on the right of this page.

The information provided could help if you

  • are experiencing mental distress (or know someone who is)

  • have a concern regarding your own mental health (or that of someone you know)

  • are unsure where to go to access mental health service

  • are feeling lonely or isolated

  • have concerns about unemployment

  • have concerns about education

  • have concerns about housing or accommodation

  • you are feeling pressured or unsafe

  • you are a carer

  • you are working in mental health services

  • you have a general interest in mental wellbeing

How do I get help?

If you are worried about your mental health, you should first see your GP, who may refer you to us.

You can also contact the West London Mental Health Trust directly.  We will need as much information from you, to help us understand what your needs are and whether we are the right service for you.  Please see the directory on the right of this page.

If we think we can help, we will assess you.  The assessment may involve more than one professional according to your needs.  Following assessment, you can expect a clear decision about any support we can give you or suggestions about other more suitable sources of help.

Hounslow care guide

Helping you remain independent at home

Our booklet helping you remain independent at home provides a broad range of information about the process the council uses when assessing whether you are eligible for social care services. It also provides information on a significant number of local organisations and agencies that you can contact yourself to provide help so that you remain safe and supported at home. Please use the Hounslow Care guide link on the right of this page.