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Physical disabilities

Physical disability

There are many services available in Hounslow to help you if you have a physical disability. The services are designed to support you with your day-to- day tasks, so that you can be helped to live at home safely.

We provide a range of services to help people with a physical disability and their carer lead a full and purposeful life. Our main purpose is to work to remove barriers which can exclude you from full participation in the community and to help promote your independence.

What help is available?

Once you have contacted us, we will visit you at home and find out what you are able to manage and what you find difficult. We will listen to you and will work with you and your carer to find the best solutions to your identified social care needs.

The help we might be able to provide includes:

  • advice and information on services available to help you adapt to changes in your life. We will also provide support to your family and/or carer

  • offering rehabilitation services to help you learn to get around independently and confidently

  • providing information on welfare benefits – so that you are clear what you are entitled to

  • advice about travel information on London transport, blue badge, the freedom pass and the disabled persons railcard

  • advice on holidays that cater for people with a physical disability

  • advice on equipment and practical suggestions on how to use equipment to help you with day to day tasks that may be difficult because of your sight or hearing loss

  • adaptations – alterations to your home might help you to manage important daily activities more easily, for example installing a flashing phone or putting up rails to guide you around the house

  • help with personal communication – recommending ways to reduce difficulties you may have with reading, writing and hearing including giving you access to sign language interpreters

  • support with accessing the care you require following an assessment of your social care needs

  • advice on what other social and health services are in the community which you may require and which cannot be accessed through us.

Hounslow care guide - helping you remain independent at home

Our booklet helping you remain independent at home provides a broad range of information about the process the council uses when assessing whether you are eligible for social care services.

It also provides information on a significant number of local organisations and agencies that you can contact yourself to provide help so that you remain safe and supported at home.

Please visit our Hounslow Care Guide website