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Deaf and hard of hearing

How do I get specialist equipment if I have a hearing impairment?

We can provide some items of specialist equipment to support people or advise where to purchase them from.

Some examples of specialist equipment for people with a hearing impairment

  • Loop system – a device to enable a person to use their hearing aid (T-Switch) to receive direct sound e.g. television

  • Minicom – a text telephone that allows you to communicate with other text or telephone users

  • Flashing door bells – a portable door bell with a flashing device to indicate when there is someone at the door

  • Telephone amplifier – a device that increases the volume of incoming speech

  • Telephone flash – a device that flashes when the telephone rings

  • Baby alarms – allows you to visually monitor a baby’s cry

  • Vibrating alarm clocks - an alarm clock with a vibrating device

Further information

For information on the services available in Hounslow, contact the Adult Access Team.

Adult Access Team
Children's and Adults' Services
London Borough of Hounslow
Civic Centre
Lampton Road

Telephone: 020 8583 3100

Email: adultsocialcare@hounslow.gov.uk

To find out about other products, visit the Action On Hearing Loss website (the new name for RNID).