Hounslow Council

Day centres for people with a disability

We have a number of day centres for people with a disability that offer a range of activities, social and leisure time helping them to continue to live in their own home or with their family or carer.

All of our day centres provide a safe, caring and supportive environment. We offer practical and therapeutic support and the opportunity for you to:

  • enjoy the variety of activities and entertainment provided;

  • develop and practice your skills;

  • find out about the things you can and cannot manage; and

  • get access to a variety of health and care services

Our aim is to improve the quality of life for everyone that uses our centres and its services whether your disability is a learning disability or mental health. We build on people’s abilities in a way that gives encouragement, builds self-confidence and skills and treats each person with respect.


Learning Disability

  • Acton Lodge

  • Two Bridges

  • The Triangle

Mental Health

  • 10 School Road, Hounslow

  • Partner day care centres